Executive Partners
Marc Ortiz de Candia
Marc Ortiz de Candía, M.B.A.
Founding Partner

Provocative and evocative, Marc Ortiz de Candía is the Founding Partner of Vitalia Consulting. Aside from developing strategic relationships, Marc leads and manages vital practices for Vitalia Consulting Clients and Delivery Partners:

  • Leadership Development and Coaching
  • Sales Performance Optimization
  • Sales Closing Systems
  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
  • Strategic Partnerships

Marc’s passionate commitment to the entrepreneurial business community includes small to middle market companies with 15-600 million revenue.

Marc Ortiz de Candia is also the former Founder, President and CEO of De Candía International Corporation, a multicultural consulting and learning services firm. De Candía International was consistently ranked by “The San Francisco Business Times” as one of the Top 25 Bay Area Based Management Consulting Firms over a span of more than 21 years. Clients encompassed Fortune, Global, and Inc. 500 corporations.

As a Trusted Advisor and Thought Leader, Marc’s professional expertise is focused on building organizational capability through leadership capacity and performance, targeting individual and organizational behavioral shifts supportive of client business aspirations.

In demand as a powerful, poignant keynote speaker and humorous, insightful storyteller, Marc offers relevant solutions for complex business/organization challenges.

As a published author, Marc’s unique perspectives are articulated within “Inside the Minds: Thought Leadership” a series on business intelligence by Aspatore Publishing. 

Genia Ong, M.B.A.
Managing Partner and Practice Leader

Genia Ong, Managing Partner and Practice Leader, leads and manages the “Business Insights Analysis” and the “Organizational Culture Assessment” practices for Vitalia Consulting (VC) Clients.

Ms. Ong works with our entrepreneurial clients to help them better understand the business of business. Once completing financial, sales, production, and human resources analytics, and a findings report, clients learn what the numbers mean, what actions must happen to ensure sustained success. She is involved in all:

  • Business Growth Projects
  • New Venture Start-Up Projects
  • Mergers and Acquisition Projects
  • Business Turnaround Projects

Striving for excellence with verve and wit, Genia combines her acute listening and observation expertise with a near perfect 2:1 ROI Methodology, and an unmatched “Performance Guarantee.” 

Genia is dedicated to enhancing organizational capacity and business performance through individual growth. She facilitates individual behavioral change through the nurturance of business intelligence, and emotional intelligence (EQ).

Her role encompasses partnering with C-Suite Executives, entrepreneurs, leadership, management, and employees, bringing together people with divergent views and goals to achieve practical solutions.

Before joining VC, Ms. Ong has had extensive management consulting experience within high technology and entrepreneurial new venture start-up companies across industries.

As an Enlightened Leadership Leader, Genia Ong models the integrity and ethics of (VC) Vitalia Consulting.

Vincenzo DiMoretti
Vincenzo (Vince) DiMoretti, Ph.D.
Executive Partner and Practice Leader

As Executive Partner and Practice Leader within Vitalia Consulting (VC) Vince is an executive management consultant helping to change the world by shifting how business leaders know, think, feel, and act.

Vincenzo DiMoretti manages and leads the following practices:

  • Leadership Coaching
  • Sales Coaching
  • Learning Sessions
  • Business and Organizational Design
  • Talent Acquisition and Development
  • Business Development

With more than 18 years of global consulting experience, Vince has led breakthrough engagements at many of the world’s leading organizations as well as small to middle market entrepreneurial companies.

Prior to Vitalia Consulting (VC) Vince was a practice leader in within the AON Hewitt Business and Organization Strategy Group. He was also in private practice for several years. Certified by iPEC in Advanced Coaching.